Change Models

Everett Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation

Rogers' model has become a standard reference in planning and guiding organizational change processes involving the adoption of new innovations.  Understanding how early adopters will push organizational uptake on new products and processes, or how entrenched resistors or "persistent sceptics" can stonewall change, have become required reading for change managers.

In theory, a small number of innovators and early adopters are the instigators of innovations' birthing processes;  while the bulk of employees and administrators fall in the middle early and late majority "show me" categories, held up by the resistant few who are opposed to change.  In eLearnerWorks real-life experiences, the model is situational.  In some cases the curve can be heavily weighted toward either end, rather than the classic bell curve below.

A helpful .pdf on Rogers' model and how it can be applied to organizational change, can be downloaded here.

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